It has never been more important for close coordination between the rental department and snowsports school. Both face issues of social distancing and face covering while performing personal services, sometimes in very close proximity to guests. Nick Herrin, CEO of PSIA-AASI, co-hosts this panel discussion talking through creative solutions to the season ahead.

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On this episode, we talk about Industry Sustainability with mentors Amy Ohran, president and general manager, Boreal and Soda Springs, Calif.; Jeff Boliba, vice president of global resorts, Burton; and Brad Wilson, general manager, Bogus Basin, Idaho.

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This year we were challenged like never before personally and professionally. We learned a lot about what we are capable of and how resilient our businesses could be. But it was hard fought. Despite the many challenges of operating during a pandemic, there have been several bright spots—operational wins, and even some banner weeks of business in July for some of our panelists. On this episode we’re diving into what worked and what didn’t, lessons learned, what they will carry forward as permanent changes, and thoughts on the future. 

On this episode, we welcomed a panel of operators from Australia and New Zealand to talk about everything operations from staffing, to rental, to ski school, and capacity issues. Many of these resorts have had to pivot mid-season due to changing mandatory restrictions in response to COVID-19, but many are also experiencing operational wins.

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On this episode, we talk with the Insights Collective, a volunteer group of destination travel research specialists, about travel and consumer behavior in the time of COVID-19 and how the latest trends may translate this winter season. We discuss where the consumer stands and how attitudes and preferences may evolve.

How will winter operations change between now and when the snow flies? While much is still unknown, the picture is clear enough to begin formulating operational plans. This Huddle, led by experts from SE Group and Bull Stockwell Allen, will provide actionable ideas and help operating teams find solutions that work. This conversation examines the pinch points in F&B, rental, and other indoor spaces, and propose solutions to help you and your team prepare your property and processes for this season.  

Operating during a pandemic is no mean feat, and the financials of doing so are no exception. How do we ensure that operations remain financially resilient while adhering to limitations meant to stem the spread of the new coronavirus? What actions should operators take to successfully navigate this season and prepare for a healthy rebound next year? On this Huddle, co-hosted by Strategic Adventures chief client advocate Paul Cummings, we discuss where we go from here and some of the decisions operators might consider in the coming months to ensure a resilient business in the future.

The pandemic can be the catalyst for resorts to reevaluate their processes and leverage available technology to offer a friction-free guest experience—not only for the strange winter ahead, but for every winter after it. On this Huddle, representatives from several resorts that are exploring these improvements and experts from resort technology and operations companies will help identify solutions to challenges. From managing the online user experience and on-site product redemption to minimizing pinch points and touchpoints, this Huddle will provide actionable takeaways for ski areas of all sizes.

The mountain resort industry is in a moment of upheaval as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Resorts had to end their winter seasons early and many, if not all, furloughed or laid off staff while the world temporarily shut down. As staff return for the upcoming season, it will be more important than ever that industry leaders work to rebuild and relaunch effective teams, as these groups will be the ones determining how we operate in the new normal.

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This episode is supported by MountainGuard.

The PodSAM theme music is by Breakmaster Cylinder.

On this episode we partnered with Nick Herrin, CEO of PSIA and AASI  to explore what ski & ride school might look like under the various COVID-19 restrictions. On June 22nd we talked with leaders of ski & ride schools from around the U.S. and Australia to gauge their thinking on the upcoming season and talk through topics such as capacity, group lessons, protocols, staff training, and what we can learn from summer operations that have recently kicked off.


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